It Starts with a Pancake

In this day and age it seems like the one thing we never have enough of is time. No matter what we do, we seem to never have the time to do all the tasks we have to do. We budget our time to accomplish various projects, yet there always seem to be some projects that never get finished.

The question becomes how and for what we use our time. We know a civic group that every year takes some of its own time and puts it to good use. Members of the Clinton Lions Club every year for the past four years have used some of their precious Sunday hours to help others-they have hosted an annual pancake breakfast to benefit Families Helping Families. The breakfast lasts for three hours on a Sunday morning and the results have been spectacular.

Thousands of dollars and thousands of pounds of food have been raised and all has stayed within the Clinton community. Local families who are facing difficult and unsure times are the ones who benefit from this breakfast. The members of the Clinton Lions Club has given their time in order to give back to the greater Clinton community. They have been an example of what can happen when an organization commits itself to helping others. Amazing what they have accomplished in just three short hours. We cannot thank them enough.

Miner Vincent, President
Families Helping Families